Scribub by Oneplus Resource


Please Read Carefully

This Service Agreement is made as of this day (the effective date) between you (The Freelancer) and ONEPLUS RESOURCE (The Organisation), (each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”). The parties agree and covenant to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement as follows:

  1. Engagement: The organisation shall employ the freelancer as a writer on the organisation’s writing platform – Scribub. This shall be on a contract basis under this agreement. The freelancer shall perform such other duties as are customarily performed by other persons in similar positions, including other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned.
  2. Duties: The freelancer shall perform assigned duties and responsibilities in a professional manner, in good faith, and to the best of his or her skills, abilities, talents, experience and within the stipulated time.
  3. Term: The freelancer’s employment under this agreement shall begin on day (the effective date) and be for an unspecified term on an “at will” basis. The probation period shall be 2 months, starting from the first day of the freelancer’s employment. In the event that the freelancer fails to pass the probation period, the organisation may terminate this agreement immediately by giving notice to the freelancer. In the event that the freelancer wishes to quit working for the organisation, a month notice shall be given. It is necessary to note that the freelancer cannot quit before the completion of a minimum of 4 months with the organisation. The freelancer is expected to conclude every project assigned and shall not be eligible to take up new projects except otherwise approved by the organisation and platform.
  4. Conditions for Termination of Service: The contractual nature of this service can be terminated or dissolved by the organisation on these bases; termination by death, termination by giving required notice, termination on the ground of misconduct, termination on the ground of criminal offenses and terrible services.
  5. Compensation:
    • Base Salary: As compensation for the services provided by freelancer under this agreement, the organisation shall pay the freelancer a stipulated and agreed upon fee as per the pricing displayed for the service. The amount shall be paid to the freelancer and the organisation shall deduct or withhold 35% of the total income as is required.
    • Overtime: Freelancers shall receive overtime compensation for services performed and the organisation shall deduct or withhold 35% of the total income as is required.
    • Additional Compensation: Any additional compensation or bonuses paid to the Freelancer shall be paid at the sole discretion of the organisation.

Consent to become a writer with Scribub

By entering your personal details and submitting them to Scribub by ONEPLUS RESOURCE, you are giving your consent to join the platform as a writer. This means that you will be working on projects and tasks assigned to you through the platform. You agree not to contact any clients outside of the platform for any other projects or purposes.

You also understand that your status as a writer on Scribub by ONEPLUS RESOURCE will be in effect for a compulsory period of 4 months starting from the date that you are accepted as a writer; you can also choose to work with us as long as you deem necessary. During this time, you agree not to breach or violate the terms outlined above.