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How our agents' programme works

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Signing up as an agent with us is a win-win relationship: while we get more clients sign up on our platform, you can boost your earnings by spreading word about Scribub. As our partner agent, you’ll get a commission of 10% for every first order your referrals make. Our dedicated support team will provide guidance, share valuable tips, and work closely with you to optimize your growth and maximize your earning potential.


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Register your interest to become an agent by filling our online application form. Our team will reach out to you.

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Once we verify you fit into our agent profile, we will provide you with a referral code and personalized promotional materials.

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Use your personliazed promotional materials across various online and offline channels of your choice to ensure users register on Scribub.

Earn your commission

When your referrals sign up and complete a new order, you make a 10% commission on their first order.

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Guaranteed cash-flow for our perfect fit

We look to partner with individuals and businesses who have access to an audience in constant need of various form writing services. An ideal agent would be:


Let's answer your questions

Our cost-effective and comprehensive content creation services contribute to continued growth.

What is our affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is designed to give our affiliates a commission for the first order their referral make on Scribub.

How much will I get paid?

You get a 10% commission for every completed first order made by your referrals.

What qualifies me to be an affiliate

We are looking for individuals or businesses that have access to a large network that requires the services of writers to meet their academic, business and career needs. Once you qualify, you get on-boarded to our affiliate community.

How do I track my referral orders?

A unique affiliate code will be created for approved affiliate. Once your referrals complete their first order, they will be required to submit a cashback form which you will also get the submission in your mailbox.

Do you provide promotional materials that will help me?

Yes. Our materials range from flex banners, stickers, digital banners, t-shirts etc.

How will I get paid?

Affiliates are paid via bank transfers (Available to Nigerian banks)